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Résumé and extended portfolio are available upon request.

Design Principles:

Details matter

Communication matters

Process matters

Who's the designer?


Chun-Hui Chang (Dora) is a visual communication designer specialized and passionate about visual identity and design coordinating.


She worked for organizations, brands and private clients that recognized as the top player in the industry, such as Bluerider ART, the contemporary art gallery in Taiwan; Outstanding branding design companies, FutureBrand and Bartok Group in New York.


Chun-Hui has been awarded Gold in Lettering and Sliver in Book Design in the 2019 Indigo Design Award. Her extraordinary performance had also won her a Graduation Outstanding Merit when pursuing her MFA degree in Communications Design at Pratt Institute, Manhattan.


Her designs are more than graphical juxtapositions of images but interpretations of the subject matter. Chun-Hui enjoys assisting others in fulfilling their ideas, dreams, and goals through a variety of visual languages, and transforming imagination into reality.


View more works in her Brand Identity, Visual Graphics, and Design Thinking. Or say hi and start creating great stuff with her today! 

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