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Undergraduate thesis project-Allotrope. 

I participated in the Executive Team, which was responsible for planning the exhibition-related matters. I assisted our department exhibited in Taiwan Young Designers' Exhibition 2012.


1. Poster

By assembling a variety of images which relate to digital media works such as computers, screens, cameras...etc I composed them into a large compact disc image. The composition represents that designers are not separate entities, but share an essential role to create splendid results.


2. Catalog

The catalog contains an introduction of our department and 35 groups of works in the graduation exhibition.


3. Exhibition Design

I marked the demonstration area off with three main colors-blue, red, and yellow to differentiate between design categories (games, animations, and multimedia). My team applied a universal design into entrance area to attract visitors.


4. Promotional Materials

Produced peripheral products to promote the exhibition from different perspectives. The paper glasses were distributed for free during the exhibition. Their unique style attracted many visitors who came to visit the booth.




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