Chinese Flashcards

​Set of 7 Cards
6 x 4.5 inches
Double-Sided Matte Paper
New York, United States

The Chinese characters have a history of thousands of years. All characters are formed or derived from the six main categories. Their uniqueness and significance represent a rich spirit of Chinese culture.

As a visual designer, I am intrigued by the special typography system. 


This set of flashcards is designed with photography on the front that presents the meaning of the character, and stroke order with English translation and the classification which it belongs to on the back. The prototype offers basic information about the character to communicate its cultural implication. The design project will keep developing in the future for educational purpose. 

* The Six Categories of Chinese Characters:

1. Pictograms (象形)

2. Simple indicatives (指事)

3. Compound indicatives (會意)

4. Phono-semantic compound characters (形聲)

5. Borrowed characters (假借)

6. Derived characters (轉注)





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