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Baptist Church

Identity Design for
Gangshan Baptist Church
Taipei, Taiwan

Founded in 1956, Gangshan Baptist Church is church located in Gangshan District, a suburban district in Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan. The church devoted to serve and care about the local community for over 60-year-long history.


In 2017, the church raised a plan of rebranding for clarifying and better accomplishing their visions. It was enlightened by Ezekiel chapter 47, which depict a stream flowing from the beneath the door of the Temple and become a river of healing to the land.


I eventually create a logo of a river stream that also shapes a mountain outline. Because Gangshan has a plain but two limestone hills that form one high and one low ridge in its landscape. With the content of the vision from the Bible and the unique terrain characteristic, the design illustrates a combination of the past and the present.



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