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ZaoCi 造詞

Client: Kirinisland Inc.
Identity Design/ UIUX
New York, USA

ZaoCi is an AI lyric generation tool utilizing cutting-edge AI techniques, fostering an endless space of inspiration. It effortlessly selects rhyming word combinations with a single click, offering a plethora of options including single, double, triple rhymes, and seamless translation between Chinese and English.

The brand's logo cleverly merges the symbol of a "pen" representing the creative tool with the "quotation marks" signifying the creative space. The combination creates a distinctive logo. Vibrant orange, symbolizing inspiration and passion, serves as the primary color, emphasizing the brand's youthfulness and vitality. Integrating brand and interface design with a clean and clear design language ensures a coherent and smooth user experience.


MFA       Identity       Graphic
#visualidentity   #branding   #coordination #UIUX
Genesis City
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